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            Before You Take Your Family Dispute to Court, Call Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group

            Before You Take Your Family Dispute to Court, Call Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group

            Get in touch with an attorney at our Pensacola, FL family law firm

            Many Florida couples assume that the only way to resolve a family dispute is to take it before a judge. While a judge ultimately tries to make fair decisions, he or she isn't usually aware of all the facts. A family law litigation attorney will present your case so the judge gets a full picture of your family issue.

            Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group is an established practice based in Pensacola, FL. For over three decades, we've been handling family law litigation cases just like yours. As your advocate, we'll make sure that...

            • You feel comfortable with the litigation process
            • You know the status of your case at all times
            • Your voice is heard in the courtroom
            Let's get started by talking about your dispute. We'll keep the details of your case confidential. Contact our family law firm today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

            When is the best time to meet with you?

            Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group is open five days a week, so you can schedule your free consultation at a time that's convenient for you. During your initial appointment, we can discuss your...

            • Priorities: We can talk about issues like alimony, child support and time sharing.
            • Concerns: We'll be upfront with you about the outcome of your case.
            • Budget: We'll try to find a cost-effective solution. Be sure to ask about our payment plans.
            Contact our family law firm in Pensacola, FL today to get started.

            Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group in Pensacola Will Provide You with Honest Advice and Personalized Representation

            Welcome河南福彩app官方下载 to the Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group serving clients throughout Northwest Florida for over 30 years. We are dedicated to representing individuals with family law issues. We have extensive knowledge of family law and divorce court proceedings and are able to assist with even the most complex cases.

            Our staff takes great pride in providing a high level of individualized attention to each of our clients. We take the time to fully understand your situation, provide an honest assessment of your options and advocate for the best possible outcomes at every step.

            When you are facing any matter of family law, it is very important that you have a skilled legal team on your side that you can trust and have confidence in. At Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group, we have shown throughout the years that we have the knowledge, experience and reputation necessary to provide our clients with the quality legal representation they expect and deserve. We also understand how complex family law cases can be and we are dedicated to helping our clients to protect the best interests of themselves and their families.

            Why Hire a Skilled Pensacola Family Law Attorney or Divorce Lawyer?

            One of the first, and most important, decisions you will face is choosing the right family law attorney to guide you through the difficult process you are about to experience. Mr. Farrar is uniquely qualified and has the skill, knowledge and experience to ensure the full protection of your legal rights. We handle matters with compassion and sensitivity to minimize the impact on you and your family.

            Click Here to Send Us An Inquiry Regarding Your Case.

            • Divorce
            • Parenting Issues
            • Child Support
            • Meditation
            • Child Custody
            • Alimony
            • Property Settlements
            • Modification
            • Post-Dissolution Matters
            • Family Law

            The legal term for “getting custody” of a child is “the assignment of parental rights and responsibilities.” If you have minor kids and are divorcing or separating from the other parent, you need to get a “Parenting Plan.” This Plan is an order issued by the Circuit Court – Family Division that provides who makes major decisions for the kids and when they will be with each parent.

            • Divorce (Pensacola)
            • Alimony (Pensacola)
            • Property Division (Pensacola)
            • Custody or “Parental Rights and Responsibilities” (Pensacola)
            • Child Support (Pensacola)
            • Changes to Previous Orders or “Modifications” (Pensacola)
            • Paternity (Pensacola)
            • Guardianships (Pensacola)
            • Terminations of Parental Rights (Pensacola)
            • Adoptions (Pensacola)
            • Prenuptial Agreements (Pensacola)
            • Wills and Trusts (Pensacola)
            • Sole Child Custody (Pensacola)

            Typically, in a divorce, we are looking to resolve the following issues:  custody and parenting schedules; spousal support; child support; and asset/debt divisions.  In a paternity case, we are typically looking to resolve:  custody and parenting time; and child support.  Following the conclusion of a case, circumstances may change such that a modification to custody, parenting time, or child support would be appropriate. 

            Sometimes, agreements are not possible: an opposing party is unreasonable in their expectations of a fair resolution to the case or parents disagree as to what is in their children’s best interests.  In these cases, I am a passionate advocate for my client.  We will develop and execute strategies for litigation of these matters, which typically results in a trial setting.