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            Avoid the Uncertainty of Deciding Child Support or Parenting Time

            Resolve these issues through family mediation in Pensacola, FL by calling Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group

            Litigation isn't the only way to resolve alimony or custody issues in a divorce. Family mediation is a mutual and confidential way to reach an agreement without getting a judge involved. You can learn more by contacting Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group.

            Many Pensacola, FL residents are choosing family mediation over litigation because...

            • It's simpler. Divorcing spouses can meet with a mediation attorney in a conference room rather than facing off in a courtroom.
            • It's affordable. A typical divorce can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. Compared with litigation, mediation is just pennies on the dollar.
            • It's flexible. Divorcing spouses can make their own decisions about child support, parenting time or alimony.
            Ready to speak with a knowledgeable mediation attorney? Contact Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group today.

            3 things to remember when choosing a mediator

            Family mediation isn't right for everyone. It's important to know that a mediation attorney...

            1. Can't give you personalized guidance about your family dispute.
            2. Can only walk you through the mediation process and draft your agreement.
            3. Will strive to keep things civil, but it's up to you and your spouse to reach an agreement.
            Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group can give you insight about statutes that could affect your decisions. Contact us today to speak with a mediator in Pensacola, FL.


            The Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group is here to assist and empower you to make wise choices by settling your divorce out of court. Mediation is the process where you and your spouse come to our office and sit down with our neutral attorney/mediator who has over 30 years legal experience in family law who is now using that experience to help couples resolve the issues in their marriage without going to court.

            Un-represented Divorce Through Mediation Program (Pro Se')
            Please contact our office to speak with one of our staff regarding mediation and whether this option may be right for you. Our goal is to save you money and empower you to resolve difficult issues without judicial intervention and unnecessary attorney fees and costs.



            • Cost Effective - Mediation appointments.
            • Respectful of your Privacy - Our mediations are confidential and less stressful for your entire family.
            • Empowering - You can resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, child custody, and support in an effective and respectful manner. The decision is in your hands, not in the hands of a judge who does not know your family.
            • Time Efficient - A successful mediation can be accomplished sooner than a litigated divorce.
            • Comfortable Setting - Which is conducive to calm and deliberate discussion of the issues. We offer a series of conference rooms which allow for joint and separate sessions with the parties

            Our attorney-mediator Gregory Farrar with 30 years of family law experience is familiar with the devastation a litigated divorce can cause on your family. Together with his team they are committed to helping you and your family through this difficult time. Mr. Farrar will give you information and guidance throughout the process to make sure you and your spouse are able to make informed decisions about your future. Your mediator will also work to create an environment of trust and transparency, which will allow you to openly communicate about your needs and encourages collaborative decision-making. Due to the respectful nature of mediation, a foundation for continued cooperation is established.

            At Farrar Law Firm and Mediation Group, we are trained to help guide you through the mediation process and ease your transition into the next stage of your life. Our goal is to always to reach the outcome that will be most beneficial to your entire family including your children. While as spouses you can divorce one another you cannot divorce your children. Therefore, through mediation we are able to assist you to focus on the future and not dwell on the past and create a new relationship that will enable you to continue to co-parent effectively and establish a healthy form of communication.


            Any Family Law Matter

            • Higher Ground Mediation Program
            • Un-represented Divorce Through Mediation Program (Pro Se')
            • Traditional Mediation
            • Video Conferencing and Telephone Mediation